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The Labyrinth Wall Summary

Waking up in a musky room packed with other people is Araina’s first memory in life. The Creators built her to appear like a young woman, equipping her mind with basic knowledge of their deadly labyrinth, but Araina has yet to understand the purpose of her existence. Though her people, the Mahk, are known to kill one another for food she has managed to avoid such measures. Araina makes do under brutal circumstances until the day a man dressed in white falls through the labyrinth wall; an enigmatic event that changes her entire life. Her search for answers about the stranger leads her through a series of deadly encounters with the Creators on a life altering journey that reveals troubling realities about herself and her world. In undertaking her journey, Araina must decide if she will trust potentially deceitful allies in order to survive.

Will Araina make it to the other side of the wall?


The Labyrinth Wall Main Themes

* Questioning purpose of existence

* Learning to trust

* Understanding perception as opposed to reality

* Appreciating the power of hope