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Araina is the protagonist in The Labyrinth Wall. She looks seventeen-years-old, but has only been alive for two years. Placed in the dark labyrinth by the Creators, her life consists of constant battles for survival. She has red hair that she wears twisted up in to a knot using the butt of a dagger, pale skin, dark green eyes and is average height. Though perception is her ultimate weakness, hope is her redeeming strength.


Blood Caves

These caves are home to the most horrific residents of the labyrinth: the Nabal. They are located within the same mountain range as The Den (home of the Mahk colony).


Blue is Araina's pet bird. Named for the color of her feathers, Blue is a delicate and loveable friend to Araina. Her innocence sets her apart from the heartless nature of most beings in her world. She is so loved, that Araina even carves her image into her knife handle

A Mahk colony member, Bovo just wants to get home and take care of his friends.


Buyus are legendary twin ancient serpents. These creatures can hibernate for indefinite periods of time. They can only be awakened by the scent of the Makta. They are very wild animals that eat anything in their way. Only magical spells can cause them to hibernate. These dragons look like giant snakes, about thirty feet long, and five foot diameter. Two giant spiral horns stick out of their heads. They have distinct dark red coloring and jagged geometric grey patterns on their backs. Their stomachs are black and have a coal texture to them. Sporadic rows of shiny black spikes line their backs as well, and the tip of their tail is a giant shiny black spike that is said to spray fire.

Buyu Spike

This object is almost a foot long and a good four inches in diameter; it's shiny black conical shape tapers at a slight angle. The spike is rumored to have magical properties for those who dare to reach inside it. 


The secrets of their powers are still unknown. Because they simply throw their creations into the dark labyrinth, then force them to fight for food and pay obsidian taxes, they are considered evil rulers.



A Mahk like Araina, Darith was created and placed in the labyrinth, but given no explanation as to his purpose. He's angry, selfish, violent and even a murderer. Witty, dark humor doesn't win him favorite points either. Despite all of that, he plays an important role in The Labyrinth Wall and could even be considered Araina's companion.  

Darktouch Flowers

Common within the labyrinth, these beautiful florets which are so pleasing to the eyes are far less pleasant to the touch.


Commonly referred to as The Den, this place is home to the Mahk colony. It is also located within the same mountain range as the Blood Caves.



He's the one handed Creator that wears all black. A darker soul than obsidian, he may prove to be the end of all Mahk.



Keelie is a member of the Mahk colony. She may not be strong or even all that mature, but Keelie's got will to defeat an army. She's a speedy and courageous young lady with blonde hair that reaches her elbows.


Many mysteries surround Korun. He doesn't know much about the labyrinth walls in which he finds he is confined, or even much about his past for that matter. Still, his core qualities as a caring person shine through.



Laon is a member of the Mahk colony. He's skilled in battle and puts up of fight for his beliefs.



These are beings brought into existence by the Creators (such as Simul and Grol). Their lives are spent avoiding the many dangers of the dark labyrinth and fighting each other for resources.


Small snakes found in the snake pit of the labyrinth. Their distinct smell resembles lemons mixed with rotting flesh. They are blind, about a foot long and are orange colored. They don't bite, but are poisonous to consume.



Hiding in the Blood Caves, these Mahk are the worst of their species. In a land where food is scarce, these brutes have become cannibals. Interestingly, this group mirrors the Minotaur who eats labyrinth visitors in traditional mythology.



She is a Creator guard, despised by all Mahk. Though she is an enemy to Araina, the pair find themselves having to tolerate one another. 


He is a member of the Mahk colony. A large boned man with a chiseled face, Rifan is known for his less than enthusiastic views on life.

Rotting Pass

More dead bodies occupy this creepy pass than live ones. If it's smells don't deter visitors, its nastiest inhabitant, Sir Riddles, surely will.

Saber Tooth Mutts
These deadly canines live in the Rotting Pass and answer only to Sir Riddles. As their name suggests, their long fangs distinguish them from other creatures in the labyrinth.

She is one of the founders of the Mahk colony. Saige's long black hair and icy blue eyes may be enchanting, but she's got secrets.


Araina’s made up word which she spouts when she’s unhappy or confused. It is a combination of her two least favorite things: scars and rats.


Sikla is the one volcano in the labyrinth. It is considered by some to be a beautiful jewel against the barren land.

The leader of the Creators and Araina's most hated enemy. He's got all he needs and more, but still let's his creations starve. When Araina manages to get on his bad side, she may not survive the repercussions.

Sir Riddles
Gruesome goopy eyes and dog like features don't mask a warm and fuzzy interior; he's just rotten all the way through. But when one listens closely, it becomes clear he speaks rhymes of value. He makes his home in the Rotting Pass and he's known to be a bit crass.


He is the leader of the Mahk colony. He's tall, green and unlike any other being in the labyrinth. But what sets him apart most is his leadership ability, which has been known to save more than one life.

Thorn Patches Valley

A rare space within the labyrinth that consists of thick, thorny bramble. Despite it's prickly nature, the valley also offer rare and enjoyable herbs for cooking.



Having been saved from the Creators, he feels he owes his life to his rescuers. The most peculiar thing about Vickon is that he was kept prisoner and heavily chained in the Creator dungeon. It isn't common for the Creators to go through such trouble to subdue a Mahk...