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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Haunted Realm Book Launch!

The Haunted Realm Book Summary:

Book 2 in the Obsidian Series
A Young Adult Dystopian Epic Fantasy Book
By Emilyann Girdner 

The Haunted Realm is the thrilling sequel to Young Adult Fantasy novel The Labyrinth Wall (Tweeted by Sean Astin from Lord of the Rings, Dante Rossetti Award Finalist, 5 Star Reader's Favorite Rated and Amazon Best-Seller).

In this riveting continuation of the story, Araina again faces a series of seemingly impossible magical obstacles. As Araina and her friends search for answers about their Creators and their magical labyrinth world, their journey becomes rife with peril when Araina falls victim to illness. Despite heart-pricking losses in the labyrinth swamps, vengeful ghostly attackers in the Blinking Willows, and many other dangerous obstacles, Araina is determined to succeed. If Araina can’t solve the mysteries of the haunted realm and find a cure for her sickness, she and her friends may never escape the labyrinth, or even live to try.

The Haunted Realm Young Adult Popular Dystipian Fantasy books

The Haunted Realm Excerpt:

“You’re robbers and murderers. You steal from the Creators and the rest of us, taking from those who have little.”

Another hand lands on me, dragging me along despite my attempts to refuse. Pressure shoots through my legs as my heels dig into the ground; but my delays are useless.

“Those who have little? You’re seriously confused, aren’t you? The Creators have plenty. And I may have stolen once or twice in my life. Well, more times than that, but only for survival reasons.”
Now it feels like we’re walking across the boards of a dock. My ears are met with the sounds of soft splashes displacing the water, and crickets conversing. Where are we headed?

“Let me go!” I kick at Zem. I hit some part of her, but her grip doesn’t falter.

“We’re almost there,” she says as she and another person pull me along.

“I never did anything to you.”

There are more voices around us now. A gasp sounds nearby.

“You found that girl,” someone says.

“Did she try to rob you?” another woman asks.

“Quiet now, ladies,” an authoritative feminine voice chimes. “Zem, this is an unexpected treat. You’ll be rewarded well for bringing this snake to me.”

“It’s my duty to help maintain justice by turning in liars and killers, Narrah. Just doing my part,” Zem tells the woman.

Fingernails scrape my cheek before the cloth meant to conceal my eyes is yanked below my chin, leaving me face-to-face with a Creator, and once again the bane of my existence has the upper hand.

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A The Haunted Realm Book Launch Starbucks Gift Card Giveaway:

And guess what else? It would be awesome if you're up for spreading the word about the launch on Social Media. In fact, anyone who likes and shares The Haunted Realm launch photo (not the post) on Facebook to help spread the word will be entered in a contest to win a $10 Starbucks giftcard... mmm yummy! =-) Click here to share the photo and enter.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Haunted Realm, Sequel to Best-Selling Book The Labyrinth Wall, Summary Reveal at Creative Con 2015

Fans of Best-Selling, Award Finalist Fantasy Book, The Labyrinth Wall,  are Sure to Enjoy The Haunted Realm Book Summary Reveal at Creative Con 2015 in Panama City

Luminous Words Press today announced that Young Adult Fantasy Fiction Author, Emilyann Girdner, will reveal The Haunted Realm book summary at Creative Con on August 1st 2015 from 10:00AM to 6:00PM in Panama City. Girdner and fellow Tallahassee Author Bruce Ballister (creator of Dreamland Diaries) can be found in the Creators’ Quarters Room at the event. The Haunted Realm is the sequel to Amazon Best-Selling book The Labyrinth Wallof the Obsidian Series. The Obsidian Series fans will be able to sign up for a $25 Barnes & Noble gift card giveaway contest, purchase signed copies of The Labyrinth Wall, enjoy the first sneak peek of The Haunted Realm book summary and meet Girdner in person. An official publication date for The Haunted Realm has not yet been released, however, the book is scheduled to launch before the end of 2015, tentatively in October.

The Labyrinth Wall, which was written during Girdner’s semi-truck traveling adventure around the country with her husband and cat, has come a long way. In addition to landing the Amazon Best-Seller list, the book is Reader’s Favorite 5 Star-rated, a Dante Rossetti Award 2014 for Young Adult Novels Finalist, and receives high praise from Young Adult Fantasy readers, Literary Consultants, Editorial Reviewers and genre Authors alike. Young Adult Author, Crystal Collier, wrote “Wow. This book was engaging. It’s been a while since I felt COMPELLED to keep reading, but Emilyann definitely pulled that one off magnificently.” Combining a dose of mystery and a refreshing marriage of adventurous magical tales like The Hobbit with a dark dystopian society reminiscent of Panem in The Hunger Games, the Obsidian Series is becoming America’s new ground-breaking Young Adult Fantasy obsession.

Anyone looking for a mysterious and magical read will not be disappointed by the Obsidian Series. Luminous Words Press invites fans to sign up for the Obsidian Series newsletter to receive notifications about The Haunted Realm’s release date as well as a chance to win a $25 Barnes & Noble gift card. The email submission form can be found at the bottom of the Obsidian Series website ( 

Summary of The Labyrinth Wall Young Adult Fantasy Book:

Araina’s isolated teenage life is forever altered when she witnesses a man emerge through a rippling wall into the dark labyrinth she calls home. As a result of the stranger’s arrival, Araina’s Creators have unleashed a series of magical attacks using the labyrinth against its inhabitants. Now Araina must decide if she will trust potentially deceitful allies in order to reach safety on the other side of the labyrinth wall.

Contact and Resources:
Public Relations Department
Luminous Words Press

Saturday, July 19, 2014

News Update: Dare to be Teased

The Labyrinth Wall has had a busy couple of months. Check out the latest news and keep your eye out for a special sequel teaser... 

5 Star Editorial Reviews

"There is something very mysterious about a labyrinth which gives this fantasy fiction a refreshing perspective. It is a book that all fantasy lovers will find addictive and thrilling."

- Mamta Madhavan of Readers' Favorite

"The Labyrinth Wall by Emilyann Girdner is a captivating tale of bravery and the power of determination in a land haunted by hunger, death and misery, and survival of the fittest."
-  Faridah Nassozi of Readers' Favorite

Barnes & Noble Book Signing: 

The Labyrinth Wall publisher, Luminous Words Press, would like to thank everyone who attended the Tallahassee Barnes & Noble Book Signing. Congratulations to Gary, winner of the gift card giveaway. 

Event Photography Credit: Alaina Cribbs

More Ebook Options...

The Labyrinth Wall Ebook Now Has Wider Availability:
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Goodreads Paperback Book Giveaway

The Labyrinth Wall by Emilyann Girdner

The Labyrinth Wall

by Emilyann Girdner

Giveaway ends July 23, 2014.
See the giveaway details at Goodreads.
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Teaser Quote

Though the title and release date are not yet available for The Labyrinth Wall's sequel. The Author has released a small teaser quote for this news update....

"Collecting ashes is the story of my life." ~Araina