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Obsidian Series Email Updates

Friday, July 17, 2015

News Update: Author Releases Teaser Quotes from Obsidian Series Book Two!

Check out these exciting teaser quotes from Obsidian Series book two (which is due out in 2015)...


“If I dare to love, I dare love to break me.” ~Araina

“I’m not at war, but I’m not at peace either.” ~ Zem

“In a way, no matter what happens, as long as we hold the memories and love we shared in our hearts, we’re all still together.” ~ Araina

“Those things that are unseen, which attack from within, are sometimes the most dangerous.” ~Zem

“Maybe they are crazy. But madness is often born out of turmoil and self-defense.” ~ Cildin

“Surely there’s some perfect combination of words, but I’m not one to find them in moments like these.” ~ Araina